Monday, February 11, 2013

Perusing the work of late summer and fall...

So some cook things happened the second half of the season.  In Park Ridge, we enclosed a porch to make it a three-season room, adding a new, larger stone patio with lighting, a gas line for the grill, and new plantings.  Below, you see the entry to the garden along the side of the house, and a view of the house from the back yard.

Below you can see the newly enclosed porch.  We actually raised the floor, so that the porch was at the same level as the rest of the first floor.  The step down now happens outside the back door rather than inside the porch.  
The new patio is a beautiful stone called Provence, with rust and mossy green tones, perfect for the house.  It is not often I have such adventurous clients, so this was fun!  
We did reuse some of the old boxwood.  Now it creates a partially enclosing curve on the east side of the patio, giving a seat wall feeling without the expense of the masonry (warning, don't sit on it though, heh heh).

 This is the entry to the garden now.  Much more welcoming, with the sturdy lattice fence supporting honeysuckle vines as well as concealing the neighbor's chain link.
 A little water in the garden makes a beautiful difference, creating light and reflection.  The magnolia is one of the Little Girl hybrids called Jane.  Nice and small.

 I have to add that my dog is cute.  And she does love a car ride.

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